How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Increase Home Value 2022

How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Increase Home Value 2022
How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Increase Home Value 2022

Tired of a dingy, dated bathroom? A minor remodel or a whole new bathroom build can be an excellent uplifting for your house. Bathrooms are the most used rooms of your house, so they need proper maintenance and sometimes require remodeling of the aged and cracked tiles.

Moreover, the bathroom remodeling in 2022 increases the home's value to 54 - 58 % on the average amount spent on the renovation. The bathroom renovation elements that increase the worth include modernizing fixtures, updating worn-out items, and creating a more functional space.

Ready to remodel your bathroom? We've discussed all the information you need while upgrading your bathroom to make the best decision before hiring professionals for your project.

Does a Bathroom Renovation Increase Home Value?

Absolutely, homeowners can expect about a 58 - 70 % return on investment based on different factors, including the layout of the bathroom, the current condition, the quality of material you select for finishing, and much more.

Therefore, the value increased by the Bathroom remodeling usually fluctuates based on the project's scope. You can calculate the exact amount by considering the different factors involved in your situation.

As size is a significant factor among all, we've listed below the return on investment for bathroom remodeling ranges based on the different types and sizes of the bathroom.

1. Midrange Bathroom Remodel

On midrange bathroom remodels, the average return cost you can expect is about 60% of the amount spent on the renovation process.

2. Upscale Bathroom Remodel

You can expect a 58% return on investment for the upscale bathroom remodel. These figures may vary based on the conditions and your requirement.

3. Universal Bath Remodel

The Universal bath remodel involves a design that is accessible for both the normal and people with disabilities. On average universal bath remodels gives your about 58% money back on renovation.

6 High-Value Bathroom Renovation Ideas

The dimensions of the bathroom, material quality, and fixtures are the factors that drive the cost of bathroom remodeling. Therefore, prioritize your requirements and estimate your budget to get the maximum output. Here are some features with high ROI.

1. Vanity Upgradation

Uplifting vanity is a significant investment during bathroom remodeling, which includes upgrading your cabinetry and sinks. Make sure you buy the materials for remodeling that are more appealing to buyers.

2. Flooring

Bathroom flooring is a great way to increase your house's resale. You can also take your floors to the next level by installing radiant heat mats under the tiles, which have a great ROI.

3. Painting

Bathroom paint is a simple DIY project because of the small space. Notably, please choose the most appealing colors and painter's tape to make it smooth.

4. Plumbing

Upgrading the plumbing fixtures is relatively inexpensive on the budget, but these little tweaks, such as shower heads or faucets, make the bathroom modernized and inviting.

5. Countertops

Countertops are where you can save money because bathroom countertops don't require as much durability as the kitchen. But this a tremendous upgradation to your bathroom.

6. Cabinets

Installing cabinets yourself is not a good option, so hire trusted professionals. Notably, the cabinets are a significant upgrade to your bathroom.

Final Thoughts

That's the detailed guide to your query "how does a bathroom remodel increase home value?" As mentioned above, with little tweaks in your bathroom, you can increase the house resale value to about 58 - 70% of the amount spent on remodeling.

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