How to Renovate Your Basement

How to Renovate Your Basement
How to Renovate Your Basement

Basement renovation is usually a challenging task for many homeowners. But since the lockdown due to Covid-19, this trend is changing. People are finding it more helpful to invest in basement renovation to have extra space for an extra bedroom, a fitness studio, or a home office.

Now, if you're thinking about it, this guide on how to renovate your basement will help you plan the work to do, how to do it, and when to know if you need a contractor's help. Let's get started.

How to Renovate Your Basement?

Here is the basic outline for renovating your basement.

1. Decide how you want to use the basement.

Many ideas are available, like using it for an extra living room, bedroom, gaming room, reading room, home gym, and many more.

Plan about the budget, details like type of surface, whether you need a bathroom, and walls if a safety repair is needed. Ensure that you're following local building codes and requirements.

2. Clean out the Basement

Now it's time to execute the plan. First, clean out the basement and make it like a clean slate. The last thing you want would be tripping over an unnecessary thing in your basement. So, remove all the things and empty them so you can work efficiently.

3. Moisture Test

A moisture test is one of the essential things before starting further work to get your dream basement. Make sure there is no source of moisture or mold in the basement. If you find signs of moisture, repair it and then move forward with the plan so it will not bother you.

4. Insulate the Place

Insulating your basement is necessary for energy savings and maintaining a comfortable temperature in all seasons. Different options are available for insulating materials. Go with the one that suits your budget.

5. Framing, Electrical, Plumbing

Complete the framing first, so you have the basic structure in place. Then work on the electrical and plumbing as per your plan. It is the technical part of the job, and you may need expert help here.

6. Drywall, Paint, and Flooring

After framing is done with other things, it's time to hang the drywall. Your basement will now start to take its shape. Then carry out the painting and flooring, so 90% of the basement renovation is completed.

7. Finishing Touches and Final Inspection

Now the renovation will be in the final stages. Install the cabinet hardware, lighting fixtures, blinds, or anything else you need to complete the renovation that is not part of the basic structure of the basement.

When to Call a Pro?

Renovating your basement, yourself sounds like an exciting idea worth your time if you're an expert. You can do some things yourself, like painting (and insulating, maybe), but other things (like electrical and plumbing) require professional skills and plenty of experience.

We recommend calling a pro like VSA Construction whenever you need more than 100% sure to complete the project safely and accurately. We provide all kinds of basement renovation, basement repair, and basement remodeling in Cleveland.